Vathak 5e Character Options – Amoral Prodigy Background

From the Patreon of Fat Goblin Games devoted to all things horror, come Vathak 5e Character Options! Each installment brings a different aspect of your characters to life. Each one also has a twist that lets it fall neatly into the horror genre. 

With the Amoral Prodigy Background, you are better at something than almost anyone else around. Alchemy, weaponsmithing, archery, singing, you name it… you are the best. Although you have a lot of fame, you lack empathy and can sometimes be a bit shallow. While evil is implied, good characters can benefit from the Amoral Prodigy Background as well. They just have to work it a little harder…

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This product is produced by Fat Goblin Games and is priced at $1.00


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