Vathak 5e Character Options – Magic Items 1

From the Patreon of Fat Goblin Games devoted to all things horror, come Vathak 5e Character Options! Each installment brings a different aspect of your characters to life. Each one also has a twist that lets it fall neatly into the horror genre. 

With Magic Items 1 you will find six unique items waiting to be either a reward for your player characters or burdens, depending on your mood.

– Ghost Ward Lantern – Press back ghosts and other incorporeal undead

– Gladiator’s Blood Gloves – increase your unarmed attacks

– Longsword of Piety – twist fate to your will if you are worthy

– Sword of Pursuit – track those that are guilty

– Teeth of the Dead – commune with the departed

– Undertakers Oil – makes the mundane magical for a brief time

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This product is produced by Fat Goblin Games and is priced at $1.00


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