Vathak 5e Racial Ecologies – The Wretched

From the Patreon of Fat Goblin Games devoted to all things horror, come Vathak 5e Racial Ecologies! Explore the unique races of the Vathak world! Discover their secrets, their strengths, and vulnerabilities. One never knows who will be friend, and who will be foe, in the Shadows of Vathak.

The Wretched have origins of horrific scientific and magical experimentation. Vindari scientists using a combination of bhriota rituals, romni legends, and galvanizing equipment reanimated the corpses of fallen military soldiers. The goal was to create a more controllable undead, one that could be trained to fight the Spawn of the Old Ones and spare the lives of living people.

Instead… they got something else.

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This product is produced by Fat Goblin Games and is priced at $2.95


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