Worldbuilding Kit: Haunted Realm


Build a haunted setting fit for your story!

Brought to you by Run Write Play, this print-and-fold kit makes worldbuilding frighteningly simple. Create a unique haunted setting for writing, roleplaying, whatever your heart desires. This kit is dripping with prompts to guide your worldbuilding process.

Dotted lines make it easy to fold, and damn it looks good from your home printer!

Summon your pack and create something together, or launch in as a lone-wolf. Start at the top and work your way down. Decide your style and tone, then get scary with it.

Discover the Vampirens and the Morticians. Who are they in your world? And what of the Silent Tower? The Stormseers? The Ephemeral? And the epicentre of strange happenings: the Furnace? Bonus story elements help inspire you to bring characters into the mix in interesting ways.

Re-use this Worldbuilding Kit over and over, and create a unique haunted setting every time!