100 Fantasy Familiars – Land Animals

Familiars are small magic creatures that share a mystic bond with wizards, witches, sorcerers and other spell casters. Most of them take on the form of animals. And while many sword and sorcery games offer a meager selection of animals to choose from, the choices are rarely awe-inspiring.

This system-agnostic list is meant for any mystic campaign where wizards and wildlife are common. The animals that make up this list are interesting – don’t be shocked if you or players want to open up a search engine to see details on the real world animal that was rolled. You’ll also find that these animals are from across the world – there’s little need for the Game Master to develop imaginary creatures when incredible real animals already exist.

NOTE: This list only applies to animals who are predominantly on the ground. You can expect to see an aerial and aquatic version of this list in the near future.

This Roll Percentile list has two hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: Type of Animal Familiar

Example 201: Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater Spider

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