Cyber Dystopia – Streets and Suburbs Map Pack

Cyber Dystopia maps are designed for use with any of your favorite sci-fi or cyberpunk games.

Each map is gridless and is enabled for use with your choice of VTT software. The maps are 36″x36″ (3500 x 3500 px) and can be shrunk to any size that you need.

In this pack:

Sometimes the action doesn’t necessarily happen in any one single place. That’s what this map pack is all about. The Streets and Suburbs Map Pack takes the fighting outside to the literal streets with three new maps: City Streets, Cyber Suburbs, and the Suburb House. Take your entire adventure across these maps as your players gather information, root out thugs, or go undercover to gain some info on the net.





This product is produced by Auraboros Games and is priced at $4.99


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