Efre Ousel Campaign Setting

Efre Ousel (pronounced EF-ray OO-zhul) is a low-magic fantasy campaign setting for your tabletop roleplaying game.

The goal was to create an interesting setting that isn’t so idiosyncratic that it distracts during game play. It should feel familiar enough for easy immersion, where you can grasp the premise without weeks of deep study. In other words, the characters should be in the spotlight, not the setting.

Efre Ousel is a dramatic setting. Ancient prophecies, corrupt rulers, and supernatural forces beset the stalwart heroes—challenging them to stand with greater resolve and to risk everything for the chance of a tomorrow. One must be willing to make critical decisions, boldly facing down certain death. Not every moment will be this grim, but if the characters don’t fight, no one else may take up the mantle.

This setting is a medieval fantasy. While some territories are more technology-focused or agrarian, others are more nomadic. In general, people are emerging from an iron age and depend on basic technology, items built with simple tools. Few of the comforts we associate with a more modern age exist. Nobles from coastal cities would have access to books, finer clothes, spices, and herbal medicine, but it’s an extravagance not available to everyone.

Most importantly, Efre Ousel is an open world. There are more secrets, wonders, and mysteries contained within these four continents and the seas between them than could be explored in several lifetimes! It’s going to be fun.

The Efre Ousel Campaign Setting includes:

  • Helpful details on running an entertaining, low-magic campaign
  • Engaging mythology and cosmology for the Efre Ousel setting
  • Overview of Efre Ousel’s history and lore
  • Familiar cryptozoology and playable races for drop-in-and-play campaigns
  • Information on the academies, libraries, guilds, observatories, and monasteries of this setting
  • You want political intrigue? We have details about the government systems in this setting.
  • Oscure facts, common phrase, and customs to add flavor to your Efre Ousel campaign
  • Rules variations and information on organized play
  • Stunning interior illustrations by acclaimed artist Micah Ulrich
  • Beautiful hi-res setting map by award-winning cartographer Francesca Baerald
  • License and permissions for how to create your own open game content, which you can use and publish!

And also…

  • 14-PAGE GAZETTEER OF NORTHEAST AMON REGION — information on the cities, towns, and places of interest, which serves as a great start for your campaign


With legal support from David Lizerbram & Associates®, the Efre Ousel setting was created with “open content” enabling others to write in this world and maintain ownership of the stories they create. Our hope is to foster a collaborative gaming community, where other creatives can build upon each other’s work. We’re building something that we want you to be part of!

If you have any questions about the setting or what’s possible, feel free to join our Discord community. (See invitation link on credits page.)

This product is produced by Tales from Efre Ousel and is priced at $4.99


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