House of Masks (CCC-TXLIFE-01)

Author’s Preface:

This adventure was written for the Unite the Factions Extra Life Day 2019. All author proceeds from the sale of the adventure will be donated to Extra Life.

This adventure is a little different. Inspired by board games, House of Masks combines on-the-spot improv with using character skills to create social interactions that can be activlely won and lost. Characters get to play through a few of these, creating a unique experience. The adventure’s story takes place at a grand ball and has been designed to allow for other DMs, players from other tables, or special guests to get involved in the roles of NPCs. This of course is not required, as at it’s still very much a single-table adventure.  

House of Masks serves as an fun interlude of sorts in the Spies Below the Moonsea series, and as such doesn’t require knowledge of the other adventures in the series, or to be followed-up by another adventure. It’s entirely self-contained. Enjoy!

About the Adventure:

Welcome to an adventure in the Spies Below the Moonsea series of Underdark adventures! This adventure can be played as entirely stand-alone. 

Spies Below the Moonsea Header Image

Drow slave-taking raids near Melvaunt have slowed thanks to the continuing co-operation with the good-aligned drow house Tor’Erhyl. The next step in the alliance is an unprecedented chance to attend a grand gala within the drow city of Zethlentyn Prime.

This adventure features a unique opportunity to engage in social spycraft to gather information!

A Two- to Four-Hour Adventure for Tier 2 Characters. Optimized for APL 8.

To aid your latest foray into the Underdark, the following are included with the adventure:

  • Full colour illustrated PDF with a separate print-friendly version
  • Printable portrait cards for important NPCs
  • Sights Below the Moonsea: A Guide to the Zethlentyn Protectorate – this short lore supplement is included with all Zethlentyn-related adventures.

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $4.99


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