Lautuntown on the River

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Lautuntown is governed by Lady Gevrest – and while paralyzed from the waist down she is a fierce and proud woman who keeps close tabs on her subordinates. A major point of concern is the poorly designed defenses of the walled town – as it grew in the last few hundred years, various city planners and inexperienced nobles alike rushed together new walls and fortifications in fear of the war cults of Zorisz raiding the area (which never happened). The southeastern main gate is a nightmare of poor sightlines and bad design, and the walls often fail to go all the way to the river’s edge, making access around the walls fairly simple.

Lady Gevrest finds herself distracted of late, however, as the new high priestess of the Church of the Oracles in Darkness makes regular visits and has very compelling discussions about the future of the town and means of keeping Lady Gevrest in power… for this new priestess is a vampire seeking to become the true power behind the Gevrest household.


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