NOMADS Core Book


NOMADS is a modern fantasy RPG set in infinite worlds. In it, players take on the role of Nomads, beings who have the ability to cross the cracks in the veil that separates the universes. NOMADS is different from most RPGs in that it does not need a game master or narrator, dividing the responsibility for the story among the players. Also, the game needs no preparation: you can start playing in minutes, with a new group and new characters. With a robust narrative creation system, NOMADS allows players to start an epic story quickly. With a structure based on TV series, NOMADS has tables to create a consistent plot, with objectives, relationships between the characters, antagonists, plot complications, sinister creatures and much more. No group? No problem! NOMADS also allows the SOLO game, in which a player controls one or more characters.


NOMADS is set in infinite universes. The characters have the ability to transit through them through portals called mirrors. Players can use this power both to reevaluate the truths of the story as it unfolds, and in combat, to see if the conditions in the new universe are the same as in the previous one. It is perfectly possible – for example – for players to pass through a mirror and arrive in a parallel universe where enemies are at a profound disadvantage! In addition to the mirrors there are the Medusae, portals of great magnitude that take the characters to other macroverses – new sets of infinite parallel universes. These macroverses can be represented in a number of ways. Do players want a medieval fantasy adventure? No problems. Do you want a futuristic, or post-apocalyptic story? It is also possible. Unreality contemplates everyone.


NOMADS uses its own system, with poker cards. Character creation takes into account characteristics rather than numbers. A character can be, for example, an “intelligent policeman who knows how to shoot”. From there, it is up to the players to use logic and interpretation to assess the chances that he would have to perform different actions. Would a policeman have any advantage in interrogating a witness? Certainly. And to hack a computer system? Probably not.

In addition to the basic characteristics, the characters can also acquire Talents, they interact with the story, giving them advantages, such as great strength, agility or the ability to better know creatures from other realities.

NOMADS counts on a brutal and merciless combat system, in which tactics are of great value, bringing various weapons, armor and equipment.


NOMADS is a book in A5 format, fully colored and with 244 pages. The work is divided into five chapters: the first presents some of the main characters in the universe, such as Ducann and Suri, members of an organization that protects the nomads from the Void, a universal force that sees them as anomalies and tries to eliminate them. In Ducann’s Diary, players will have information about the infinite universes, mirrors and medusae, the mysterious Cult of Glass and more.

In the second chapter the rules of the game are explained, with many examples, tables and rules for combat and equipment. In the third chapter, the players – already familiar with the basic rules – will be able to play an introductory campaign as the Girl and Crow, two important characters in the NOMADS universes. In the adventure they must chase an Incognito, a nomad dominated by the Void.

The fourth chapter presents the rules for creating characters and stories, so that players can dive deeper into the universe of Unreality. Here, they will find mechanics for creating complex plots, with different objectives for their characters, twists, hooks and various elements of adventure and tension present in the best TV series. Finally, the fifth chapter brings ideas of adventures, profiles of characters and creatures, in addition to more than 30 tables for fast generation of scenes, monsters, characters, equipment and several other useful elements for your stories.

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