Planar Punk

In the Multiverse: Planar cabals force jaded philosophies on a browbeaten populace. Within the planes, reality shifts with the ideas and beliefs of its denizens.

The abstract is real but has grown oppressive. It is time to rekindle the spark. Live your idea and become the belief. Bring down the system. Be the revolution!

Planar Punk is a super-condensed, lo-fi abstract RPG about planar revolutionaries fighting against the system of cabals that oppresses their planar reality. It’s inspired by the world’s most popular planar campaign setting and part of the 24XX jam. 

It contains a complete ruleset and lots of planar themed tables to generate interesting portal-jobs in the Multiverse, all in 3 pages and a cover. 

This product is produced by SoloRPG and is priced at $2.00


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