Renegade Legion: Centurion (Beta 1.0)

Renegade Legion is an exciting and diverse science fiction universe set in the 75th Century, where the mighty armies of the great Terran Empire (TOG) are arrayed against a Union of free humans and aliens. Standing with the Union against the Empire are the Renegade Legions, former TOG troops who have broken away from the Empire and now stand between it and total supremacy over the known galaxy.   

Centurion brings players right into the conflict between the TOG, Union, and Renegade Legions, allowing them to play battles that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Centurion builds off of the Renegade Integrated Gaming System (RIGS) framework to unleash a massive experience that players will enjoy across five different games and three different rules levels. The book contains everything a player needs to playtest the Beta release version of Centurion and includes the following: beta rapid play rules, gameplay descriptions, printable tokens, cards and game aids; and details to allow players to play out missions on the tabletop. Future Beta releases will include additional rulesets that bring even more sophistication and control to the player and gameplay.  

The RIGS put you as the battlefield commander. Do you have what it takes to lead the TOG to galactic domination, or will you lead the Union to victory? Can you fight the Renegade Legions to a new home and a bright future? You will decide.

Welcome to the Renegade Legion Universe.

This product is produced by Budgie Smuggler Games and is priced at $1.99


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