The Orc Pack (STL)

The Orc Pack is the first expansion pack for The Lost Corridors.

Complete your hallways and dungeon rooms with new floors, new decor, and an extra wide wall.

Discover a whole new system of editable tiles. You can assemble columns or a statue on the same floor tile. The Orc pack includes a wall piece, six new floors, a stone staircase as well as three types of columns to assemble with the clip tile.
The OpenLock (Tm) clip comes with the set.

Once a template is acquired, you can print it as many times as you want.
Each tile, object or wall of the “Lost corridors” series is compatible with the future series of the Dungeons Factory range but also with any OpenLock ™ model piece.

Discover the series of 3D dungeon tiles to print.

Content of the gnome pack.

This product is produced by Dungeons Factory and is priced at $7.06


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