The Radiant Necropolis

Aaranothian Adventures presents

The Radiant Necropolis: Escape from the Endless Depths

Compatible with the Fifth edition of the world’s most popular role-playing game.

Reproduced under the OGL.

Trapped in the Endless Depths, only the incessant echoes of chittering from unseen foul denizens greet you. It would be best to make haste, and find a way out, lest you find yourself in unwelcome company.

To the North East lies a small sleepy village named Halle, which is nestled at the base of the Stockade Mountains. For the past month, there have been a string of unexplained disappearances which has dampened the typically easygoing and jovial spirit of the commoners living here.

The villagers widely believe that the recent disappearances have something to do with the Elvish Ruins just a quarter mile to the South of Halle.

Legend tells of an ancient evil resting in those ruins…

The Alderman of the village is offering a handsome reward for any information regarding the cause of the disappearances, but so far, no one has been brave enough to explore the ruins…

Until now!

This adventure was written as a one-shot for three to four players around level 4 to 6, but the adventure can be easily adjusted to fit into a larger campaign, as the majority of the adventure takes place underground in a massive and expansive cavern system that is referred to as The Endless Depths.

Inside, you’ll find 14 pages full of content including unique statblocks, and artwork. Also included are two high quality maps to print or play on a Virtual Tabletop like roll20 or FoundryVTT.

Run this module if your gaming group likes intrigue, exploration, traps, and lots of combat!

Happy Gaming!

-Aaranothian Adventures-

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