Within the Cursed Mine

An unstable cavern long abandonned, an outlaw with a secret, and a vicious new take on a classic monster. Designed for a 3rd level party to play in 1-2 sessions, Within the Cursed Mine contains an easy-to-follow design containing everything a GM needs to run a memorable game night with almost no preparation.

  • 6 Page 5e Adventure for a 3rd level party
  • Loaded with full-color artwork
  • Original monster with artwork
  • New magic item with artwork
  • Interesting NPC with artwork
  • 4 High Resolution battlemaps of Longhorn Cavern (Summer and Winter, Night and Day)
  • 7 Hexplorer Map Tiles to create regional area for hex-crawl campagins
  • Random Encounter table
  • Plug-and-play design to make dropping the adventure into your campaign as easy as possible with minimal prep.

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This product is produced by Headless Hydra Press and is priced at $1.99


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