100 Things Dubious Politicians Didn’t Want Overheard

Some politicians are less than entirely honest, and they may accidentally make comments that could be damaging when they didn’t think they could be overheard. The comments in this list range from a simple lack of respect for voters or other politicians to the morally dubious to the corrupt to the outright criminal in nature. The comments are most suited for a modern or later setting, but many could be adapted to others. These comments could be used by characters to blackmail a politician into doing what they want, or they could result in the more violently unethical politicians going after them in order to eliminate a threat.

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Here are some sample results:

  • It will be sneaked in as part of another bill at the end of a session. The others won’t know what they are voting for.
  • It’s simple, really. Just create a common enemy for the voters to fear and hate and they won’t notice who’s really screwing them.
  • I want reports on all the other members of the committee. I want to know everything about them, especially vulnerabilities and dirt.
  • Keep looking. If you dig deep enough, everyone has dirt they are hiding.
  • Leak it to the press. It will be greatly damaging.

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