50 Prohibition Agents – Volume 1

The urgent need for enforcing prohibition came to the men* hired on in droves to be prohibition agents. With inconsistent training, odd and diverse backgrounds and low pay, they were a strange brotherhood of new government agents that filled an urgent need, and would pave the way, in time, for the Federal Bureau of Investigations.

This system agnostic list of characters can be applied to any roleplaying game system set in the roaring 20’s. While these agents reflect the diversity of the open call for prohibition agents, they can be adapted easily for any government agents of the time. Rank, assigned equipment and vehicles are not included in this list, and we leave them up to Game Masters to assign as needed. *Note: All the characters in this list are male because historically there was only about one female in every 100 Prohibition Agents. We recommend the Game Master take the time to treat those rare female agents with care since they were often given missions that played to their unique strengths. If you’d like to see a list of female prohibition agents please let us know.

This Roll Percentile list has one hundred possible results in this format:

Roll result: Agent’s Name (Age / Description that can include ethnicity, work and military experience, habits, criminals ties, skills, etc.).

Example 101: Ben Nowak (Age: 33 / Skinny. Polish American. Delivery driver before WW1. Devout Catholic. Proud husband / father. )

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