A Good Night’s Rest

In the far-flung islands of Hamato in the Forgotten Realms, a humble priest can’t get a good night’s rest.  In this Japanese-inspired adventure, you will encounter monsters such as the trickster tanuki and the swift, sly kitsune.  Help solve a mystery in the village, and help an exhausted priest complete his mission.

This module includes:

  • an extensive guide to the Islands of Hamato, including food, culture, magic, deities, and more!
  • a 4-hour adventure for tier-1 adventures, with options to adjust difficult based on APL and party size.
  • maps for every encounter, useable in Roll20 or in-person games.
  • custom monster block stats adapted from Japanese mythology.

May the fortune favor the brave … and the sleepless!

This product is produced by Dungeon Masters Guild and is priced at $2.95


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