Corefinder Design Digest #9: Save Me!

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What does that have to do with Corefinder? Well, nothing really, other than giving me an excuse to tell a goofy childhood anecdote with “save” in the name. So anyway, here’s a preview of saving throws! 


When you are subject to an unusual effect, something other than a combat or social maneuver or attack, you can attempt a saving throw (sometimes called a save) to reduce or avoid the effect. A saving throw is a d20 check, plus your Base Bonus for that type of saving throw and an ability modifier, and often other modifiers as well. If your saving throw equals or exceeds the DC of the effect, you succeed on the saving throw, and you may have a critical success or critical failure with a very high or very low roll, much as with other types of checks.

d20 roll + Base Resistance Bonus + ability modifier + other modifiers

Saving Throw Types: There are three main types of saving throws. Depending on your character class or creature type, you may have different Base Resistance Bonus (BRB) for each type of saving throw.

Fortitude: This reflects your physical or spiritual vitality, endurance, and ability to withstand punishment. These saves use your Constitution modifier.

Reflex: This reflects your ability to dodge or get out of the way. These saves use your Dexterity modifier.

Will: This reflects your willpower and resistance to mental influence and many supernatural effects. These saves use your Wisdom modifier.

Optional Rule: Expanded Saving Throws: If you wish to make all six ability scores relevant to saving throws, you can use the following expanded rules to use alternative saving throws.

Fortitude: Use your Strength modifier on Fortitude saves against effects that force you to move against your will or that would transform your physical body into something else, such as transmutations.

Use your Constitution modifier for all other Fortitude saves.

Reflex: Use your Dexterity modifier for all Reflex saves.

Will: Use your Intelligence modifier on Will saves against illusions, including saving throws when you first interact with an illusion as well as attempts to actively disbelieve it.

Use your Charisma modifier on Will saves against divinations and against any form of direct mental control, such as a charm, dominate, or possession effect.

Use your Wisdom modifier on all other Will saves.


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