Die Screaming: Titanomachy


“The year is 1992. To try to counter the threat posed to the planet’s survival by Godzilla, Japan’s Counter-G Bureau recruited the most brilliant scientific brains in the world to build a fighting machine.”

–           Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II (1993)

There comes a time in every person’s life when they need to rocket punch a tyrannosaur with a giant robot. This is that time.

Titanomachy is a player content expansion pack for Die Screaming. Like previous expansions that have now been consolidated, its contents will be added into the Player’s Guide to provide a single resource for players to use, and this update acts as a “what’s new” post as the game is continually supported.

  • New destiny: Mechapilot. An elite combat pilot of a giant armored suit.
  • New talents and downward spirals for mechapilots.
  • Five new dark realms.
  • Dinosaurs, giant animals, and the foul spawn of evil deities for survivors to fight.
  • Special hazards and traps to challenge survivors in new ways, such as graven idols that monsters worship and dark powers that can move from monster to monster.

What Is Die Screaming?

Die Screaming is a love letter to horror cinema of the last four decades. Every game of Die Screaming begins with a supernatural apocalypse and characters based on classic horror tropes.

As the game progresses, the survivors learn that to fight marauding armies of aliens, demons, eldritch abominations, mutants, zombies, and even vengeful angels, they must in turn become monsters.

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