Harning Manor Mystery One-Shot Campaign

The party has worked together adventuring, and has made a bit of a name for themselves. One morning they are relaxing at their local pub, when two people approach. Chat and Lily introduce themselves, and explain their situation.

They have recently married, and intended to move into Lily’s family manor joining her brother and owner of the manor, Dorokir. When they arrived, they found him dead out back by the garden. His body was shredded and they noticed large footprints by his body. The story around the area is that the men of the Harning family are all cursed to be slain by a great wolf. Afraid and not knowing how best to handle the situation, they came here to enlist the party in discovering and dealing with Dorokir’s killer.

This one-shot campaign has 6 random selectable paths, that result in a diferent culprit for the murder of Dorokir. The campaign is best played timed, but the GM can choose to forgo the clock, for deciding when the best time for events to occur. Ideal for 3-5 players.

This product is produced by Dave Brusca and is priced at $0.99


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