Hollow Land – Quickstart Guide – For Players – Playtest version


** This is a FREE Playtest Guide + Adventure for the upcoming Kickstarter **

Hollow Land is an inclusive role-playing game of mystery and adventure, set in an alternate steampunk version of our history. It is a tale of underdogs and overwhelming odds, of emerging technology, forgotten folklore and colonial devastation, in which you, and your friends, travel the world to try and find the key that may unlock the secrets of history – and even of time itself.

The world of Hollow Land will remind you of stories like Adèle Blanc-Sec, Penny Dreadful,The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and the tales of Jules Verne.

The Quickstart Guide includes an abbreviated version of the rules, some tips on playing, as well as an intro-adventure called: The Cowardly Murder of Laurentia Vrolik, which will give you about 2-3 sessions of 3 hours worth of playing time (depending on your style & preference).

The adventure will take your players to the Hague, the Netherlands in 1869 where they will find themselves in the middle of mystery, murder and mayhem.

If the Kickstarter for the Hollow Land main campaign is successful, the world is open to your adventurers and they will be free to explore the continents by zeppelin, carriage or steam ship. They may even find themselves in worlds and places that aren’t on any maps known to man…