Mecha vs Kaiju: Kaijupunk 202X

The future is not what it used to be. Humanity has transcended its limitations through technology, science, and the dark power of the Oni. Cyborgs walk the streets. Kaiju DNA grants inhuman power. And millions around the world find themselves transformed into monstrous Ogres.

But there is defiance in this new generation. With the constant threat of death by giant monster, they live every day like it was their last. Traditional society mocks them, but they revel in the title of Kaijupunks.

Kaijupunk 202X takes the world of Mecha vs Kaiju into a dark future where transhumans clash with hominids in a battle for survival. This sourcebook features rules for:

  • Transcending human limitations through cybernetics or kaiju mutations;
  • Transforming into Ogres, warped by the power of the Oni;
  • Technology, Gadget, and Vehicle creation;
  • Mecha Frames, power armor for the workers.

Kaijupunk also details a future metropolis, an African Boomtown complete with multiple neighborhoods, rival factions, rich mines, jungles filled with mutant animals, and a wealth of oppportunities for Kaijupunks to make their fortune.

Gear up, and fight for a future worth living in!


This product is produced by WrightWerx and is priced at $2.95


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