MikWewa – Cave System

VTT and print-ready battlemap pack from MikWewa duo. Cave system is ideal for dungeon delving, exploration and important/boss fights. Take your players under the ground and pick any of 6 variations of the base map.

There are total of 3 ZIP downloads:

1. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for poster printing and tabletop screens and TVs

2. 72 dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for any VTT. All maps are under 5mb

3. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) separate gridded maps in PDF format for print-and-play

NOTE: Night versions, gridded and gridless variants of every map is included

Map Info:

Resolution: 6300x6300px
Grid: 45×45 @ 140px
Variants: Original, Spider, Underwater, Sharks, Kobold Lair, Gold Mine
Versions: Day, night, gridded, gridless

Enjoy your adventuring!

This product is priced at $4.50


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