Royal Crossroads (23×29) Public

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This week I’ve made for you a battle map that I thought you could if you ever need to have a battle in the courtyard of a grand palace, or any other sort of fancy place with a great garden.

There are some benches where some would-be assassins could be waiting for the right moment to make their move. While the party is accompanying the empress, the assassins try to blend together with the other hosts. Will they be able to carry out a successful assassination or will their plans be thwarted by the heroes?

Right on the middle of the map there’s a pretty big Armillary Sphere. Could be magical or could be just a prop. In either case, once you get the ball rolling there’s no stopping it and any creature could end up lying flat on the ground.

Patrons will get higher resolution maps, gridless versions, alternate color palettes and variations with different amount of props. Check out the image below to see what’s included on each tier!


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