Ruptured Moon Rulebook

Lok’Arn has spent the past century recovering from The Cataclysm, an event in which the moon broke apart and the world was struck with a large fragment of the explosion. Half of the population and nearly two entire continents were destroyed by the impact. New and old national rivalries have ignited with recolonization of the dead lands, and the old order of the council of magic has been diminished in scope and capabilities.

New threats emerge as the world is stabilizing, by those who wish to take power for themselves. In this increasingly interconnected world, regional issues can quickly become global and risk further mass destruction.

Ruptured Moon uses 2D6 for it’s dice rolls. The same roll is used with different modifiers to decide chance of success, and impact in combat. The 6 Abilities (Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Magic, Willpower, and Luck), greatly affect your character play style in different ways. There are 58 Perks (such as Evade, Counter Attack, Extra Action, Deceit, etc.), 105 Spells, 40 weapons and armor, and countless magic enchantment options to further customize your character.

The Ruptured Moon Rulebook contains all the information a player would need to play the game, as well as character sheets.

This product is produced by Dave Brusca and is priced at $7.99


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