So, You Want to Play AD&D – Introduction

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I’m not writing about “the one true way” to play or run AD&D – I don’t think that exists.  It’s a game with a thousand little sub-systems/micro-games inside it and I don’t think anyone ever played with all of them. It’s also a game that was kitbashed at every table with house rules, homebrew content, and stuff borrowed from magazines and other gamers. If I talk about style, house rules, or stuff from other sources, I’ll try to make that clear and point to my sources (if they’re not lost in the mists of time)

It’s probably worth a little background so you know where I’m coming from.

Before I ever saw D&D, I played wargames and read a lot of history, mythology, fantasy, and science fiction. These laid the groundwork for my appreciation of RPGs and influenced the way I thought about play at the table.  I started playing and DMing D&D back when the 1e manuals were being published. We played with a mish-mash of the boxed set and supplements, AD&D, Holmes Basic, and some Judges Guild products. I ran a series of games then campaigns (and played in other folks games) from late 1978 through 1993 taking in several eras of AD&D history.

I also played/ran a variety of other RPGs from a number of publishers during that time. The way those games felt influenced the way I ran AD&D. I borrowed rules from here and there, tried to capture ideas for settings, and developed a better appreciation for role-playing in general.

In 1993, I stepped away from the hobby and didn’t return until 2018, when I started a new 1e campaign for my family. In 2019 I started another at work (Castle Hochheim), to introduce people to “the way games were.”  Currently, I’m running three 1e campaigns with almost 30 PCs and a dozen or so players. You can see a bunch of things I’ve written here on my patreon and on Twitter at @mountain_foot.

Whether you ultimately decide to play AD&D or not, and whether you follow any of my advice or not, I hope you find joy at your gaming table.


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