Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine

In issue #10 you will find boardgame previews, Lockdown reflections, an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at Kickstarter from a one-man publisher’s POV, RPG playing and gaming aids reviewed, a variety of other articles about different boardgames and aspects of boardgaming, and a big fat load of game reviews and opinion as well…

And it’s all FREE!

Back in 2018 at the UK Games Expo, The SPIRIT of Games & Gamers was launched. Her mission? To continue the long-running tradition of Sumo and Counter magazines: two amazing publications that between them had been writing about and reviewing boardgames for 20+ years…

Here at Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine (a recent change of name following the sad passing of former editor, Kendall Johns), we’re incredibly proud and forever grateful to all the former editors of these publications, for not only providing us with great articles and content throughout the years, but for doing so on a shoestring budget, driven primarily by enthusiasm and a passion for boardgames and tabletop gaming.

Through the pages of The SPIRIT, we always tried to bring our readers pages and pages of reviews, comments, and opinion on tabletop card and boardgames (new and old alike), and we’re planning to continue doing so with Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine and are determined to enusre its content remains absolutely FREE for all boardgaming fans.

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