The Ballroom Battle Map – Launch

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The next map on the list is a Desert island, likely with a swampy mangrove variant or two. Once I’ve created that I’ll move onto The Grotto, a cave complex mini dungeon which I’m hoping will work as part of the underdark, or a location that could fit into the Desert Island map as a multi layered location.

Thanks so much for your continued support, you’re just the best! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and as always happy adventuring! Now let’s go buy a fancy outfit and schmooze with some high society toffs.


Stepping into the large room you find yourself at the top of a grand staircase. Bronze banisters and crimson carpeted steps lead down to a marble tiled floor that reflects the warm light of a thousand candles. Huge crystal chandeliers hang from the ceiling, their light reflecting off the gold leaf that covers almost every surface. Large windows line the left wall, the shadowy gardens beyond silhouetted against the final glow of the evening sky. At the end of the room is a large fireplace and grand piano, along with a number of musicians playing stringed instruments.

The room is full of people wearing colourful outfits, exquisitely tailored to resemble characters from fiction, mythical heroes and fantastical creatures. Some of the outfits are obviously magical as they glow, or move in impossibly lifelike ways. You feel rather underdressed in your Masquerade masks and simple if well made suits and dresses. Making your way down the stairs you notice others that are less flamboyantly dressed. Men and women in crisp suits are dotted around the room not mingling but instead watching the crowd, one such man nods in your direction. It seems the lord’s private guard has been informed you will be helping out with security.

Making your way across the room you hear gasps from a group of party goers, then frantic calls for help. Rushing towards the commotion you find people crowded around a large man in an elaborate manticore costume crouched on the stone floor, his back to you. A foppish man in the crowd exclaims “He just bit me! Sir Reginald just bally bit me!”. The man slowly turns towards you growling menacingly, face contorted, no longer fully human. You watch in horror as silks and sequins seem to drip off his outfit as he transforms in front of you. Around the ballroom you hear more screams and worryingly more growls and the odd roar. You start to wonder… Did I see any dragon outfits in the crowd?

Notes and Tips

  • 30×30 grid map
  • The fantasy dress ball! Some evil wizard has enchanted some of the party goers outfits to transform into monsters! They could become any number of beasts, but maybe they are silk and sequined versions of the creatures!
  • The Masquerade ball! No one knows who is who. Maybe it’s a secret society with special etiquette the party only learns they know nothing about once amongst the party goers.
  • Political or charity fundraisers are a good place to have an assasination attempt!
  • This would work well for a Vampires castle or house. It’s all very gothic and kitch, perfect for your vampire lord around town.
  • Use the banisters as obstacles to jump over.
  • Remember enemies or reinforcements can enter by the two corridors (right), the servants entrances (right), the Grand Staircase and through the windows!


Lit and night time lit versions

Unlit versions – For those that want to add their own lighting into their VTT of choice!

Meeting hall – For those secret meetings! Or motivational speakers 😀


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