The Grey Horse of Brogerin

In the small village of Brogerin, almost no one is what they seem. Players explore a remote settlement on the border of a dark wood, where they will uncover a haunting mystery. A skeletal horse stalks the woods at night, wreaking havoc on local trade. Now local businesses are failing and the people must turn to shady priests, greedy Barons, and eccentric hags for essentials.

This adventure is meant to be dark and whimsical, featuring a very ‘lively’ undead cast of skeletons, ghosts, hags, and necromancers. This adventure is intended for 3-4 characters of levels 1-3. Some encounters are challenging at level 1, but they can be managed with clever tactics and good investigation. The approximate runtime of this adventure is one 4-hour session, though depending on choices made it can take more or less time.

This product is produced by Ethan Myers and is priced at $1.00


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