The Hero’s Die

The Hero’s Die is a table-top Role-Playing Game (RPG) with light mechanics that are designed to help you create a game with a strong narrative. The players are the Heroes of their story, and they decide how their Heroes will act when confronted with a variety of challenges and puzzles–all while attempting to fulfill a plot and accomplish a goal. In The Hero’s Die, the players create a story centered around uniquely crafted Heroes who are on an adventure of their making.

What you will find exclusive to this RPG system:

Narrative controlTHD is governed by two guiding principles: Narrative compatibility & Narrative intent.

Hero Creation – Heroes are designed to be uniquely yours. Heroes grow through the use of Attributes and Skills, which are developed through gameplay. Race, stat blocks, and stereotypes are discouraged. The focus of the adventure is on you.

Villain Generator – Villains are designed to reflect a variety of difficulties that can suit the various needs of adventuring Heroes. They can be intricately planned or spawned on a moment’s notice. The goal is for the villains to help promote the story onward.

HD Lite – For those who do not have the time or desire to prepare or read through modules and campaigns. HD Lite takes the core mechanics of THD and allows the players to experience a randomized one shot that will be unlike any adventure they’ve encountered before. With the diverse characteristics and high level of personalization, no two HD Lite games will ever be the same.

This product is produced by Radiated Skull Publications and is priced at $12.00


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