Tomb of the Atlantean King

Beyond the Black Sea Setting

10,000 BC is the age of adventure, with much of the world containing very small populations
of people. This is mythic Earth ushers in a fantasy Earth setting based on the Golden Age of Sword & Sorcery. Barbarians, primitives, priests and monsters plot in a dangerous and violent world of strange creatures and ancient mystery.

The evil swamp to the east of Zar’Grim (a city in Beyond the Black Sea) is a stagnant pit of eldritch monsters and eerie phenomena. No one ventures into the swamp, and certainly no one would escape into it.

Your players characters are forced through circumstance to enter and survive this strange place.
To play this Saga you only need the core Beyond the Black Sea rule book as everything else is provided.

Pre-generated characters can be downloaded from or www.

What’s in this book
♦ 34 page Introductory Saga
♦ Monsters & Animals for Beyond the Black Sea
♦ Completly compatible with all of the Dark Stars systems

This product is produced by Darkstars Universe and is priced at $5.00


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