First Season in the Marchlands – Adventure Compilation Compatible with Old School Essentials

An adventure compilation set in the Marchlands- a clannic, pastoral region beset by monstrosities, corruption, and banditry.  

Includes the following:

Marchlands Setting Primer: A primer for the communities, culture, laws, and woes of the Marchlands

Old Lost Fort: An adventure to help an all but extinct community reclaim a lost fort from bandits, and other misadventures that ensue after, including a rat problem, a feisty band of goblins, and a minotaur at the gates.

Cattle Raid on the Marches: Raiding is a way of life, and an opportunity is given to participate in a legally sanctioned raid for cattle and riches.  

A Gnawing Problem: Monstrous rodents plague the fields, and mist be found and culled if the winter is to be survived.

Dragon’s Dilemma: Farmers do not care for lost cattle, and a hungry dragon means many a lost cow.  It must be stopped- but how, and at what cost?   

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