MikWewa – Cave Entrance

Adventure Introduction

“Aaron, I don’t like this place.”

The human side of my half-orc companion shakily spoke as we dove deeper

into the frozen depths of damned Steel Mountains. The bulky barbarian

somehow looked smaller and his yellow eyes childishly sought mine; I have

never seen Grizkh afraid. I was, however, serene as we climbed up the small

rocky plateau.

Enormous, carefully carved face stoically watched us, with darkness

of its mouth inviting us in. Noticeable hole in the helmet’s face was

more than revealing. Silence was ominous, birds ceased to sing.

Rough, crumbling slopes framed the scenery hinting that there was only one

way out of here. A way in. Live mountain was given the visage of the relic I

craved for decades. Grizkh was a master tracker, yet those marks a child

would track – a huge, earth pressing, stamp-like footsteps. I was aware of the

ill-tempered frost giants. Yet, the helmet will be mine.


VTT and print-ready battlemap pack from MikWewa duo. Vast and spacious plateau

in the face of the helmet-shaped ancient cave. What lies inside? Is the legendary

helmet there or just a deadly trap set by sentient creatures that dwell there?


There are total of 3 ZIP downloads:

1. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for poster printing and tabletop

screens and TVs

2. 72 dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for any VTT. All maps are under 5mb

3. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) separate gridded maps in PDF format for


NOTE: Night versions, gridded and gridless variants of every map is included


Map Info:

Resolution: 3500x4900px
Grid: 25×35 @ 140px
Variants: Original + Lake, Desert, Ghost Lake, Frost Giant, Jungle + Lake, Rain, Undersea
Versions: Day, night, gridded, gridless


Check out the map preview below and enjoy your adventuring!




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