Hidden from the faces of Luna and Helios, the Moldwarps work Gaia’s will beneath the surface of the Earth. These weremoles claim a legacy and culture all their own, founded on principles of solemn duty, stoic practicality, and restoration over destruction. Where the Garou fight the Wyrm tooth-and-nail, the Moldwarps seek to reclaim all of the corrupt Triat through the conversion of their agents.

Moldwarps includes:
• The industrious history of a deep-dwelling Changing Breed.
• Moldwarp culture and hierarchy, including details on their nine
Tribes (named Tunnels).
• Complete rules for running Moldwarps: Gifts, Rites, Tools, Forms,
Totems, sample characters, and more.

For an editable character sheet to use with Moldwarps, see:

From the amazing Chris Leland A.K.A, Mr Gone. 

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