They say necromancers worship and manipulate death, but that’s only half the story.

While some certainly do, others draw upon that same source of power to worship

and manipulate life – after all, who can tell the difference?

What’s Inside?

Within these pages you will find the Necromancer, an elaborate spellcasting class with four archetypes to choose from. While their philosophies regarding life, death, and undeath may vary greatly, necromancers are united in the source and subject of their magic: the immortal soul.

Accompanying the class description, this document also includes new monsters and spells to be used either in tandem with the class, or as standalone material in your home games.

Necromantic Archetypes

Blood Mage

More ancient and more primal than any other domain of necromancy, blood magic allows the versed practitioner to shape the crimson flow to benevolent or malicious ends. The threads of metaphysical reality permeate all matter, and thus the blood mages claim mastery over any physical form powered by bodily fluids, including yours.


The dark pilgrims of death, sworn to the last act of mortal coil. As the eternal cycle continues, the relentless reapers are its arbiters, guardians, or driving force. Don the armament of your cosmic ordination and summon the shades of ages past to aid your cause.

Transcendent Soul

Delve into the mysteries beyond the veil as a transcendent soul, a spiritual vessel equipped with heightened paranormal awareness and ability. Unravel the secrets of ghostly existence, master the unmoved movement through the Æther, and develop possessive techniques to transport your soul into other beings for the ultimate out-of-body experience.

Pale Master

The return of a classic, pale masters embrace the eeriest gifts of their trade to become unequalled masters of undeath. Imbue undead servants with your own soul essence to raise giant-sized abominations or control terrifying armies of decay and rot.

New Monsters

Two new monsters, created and used primarily by necromancers of the Pale Master archetype option. Even without playing the class, these creatures are suitable for  wicked encounters in any adventure featuring undead.

New Spells

A collection of twelve new spells, from subtle reminders of mortality to powerful incantations that unleash the raw potential of soul energy.

Honest Pricing

No charm pricing, as well as no immediate DLC (the fourth archetype is already included with the release version). After four years of extensive development, five bucks are a steal for more than a thousand hours of design, writing, and art production. An honest price for an honest product.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you find a typo and you’re the first person to find it, you get your money back and keep the product for free. No further discussion.

What’s Next?

Debut Adventure

A fully fleshed-out introduction to the class is being worked upon and will enter playtesting around New Year. Featuring elements specifically tailored to the class’ mechanics, the adventure provides profane amusement for one evening or two and may present a playable piece of backstory for your character in an ongoing campaign. Expect no less than the most of it.

Personal Note

I’m not the kind of person to enslave you on social media (in other words: I don’t use Facebook and the like). So if you enjoy this product and would like to rate it or even write a review, feel free to do so directly here on Dungeon Masters Guild. Constructive criticism is always appreciated. Also don’t hesitate to ask questions and discuss all the tiny bits and details of rule mechanisms.

Nothing left to say. So from one soul to another, I wish you a terrific journey.

Alexander Krause-Leipoldt

November 2020

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