Spell Augments

Breathe new life into old favorite spells, squeeze more power out of spells that don’t normally improve at higher levels, and keep up with your single-class party members as a multiclassed spellcaster! Spell Augments: Volume I contains 58 augments for 50 spells across all spellcasting classes. 

How it Works:

  • Your DM can distribute spell augments as treasure rewards, similarly to magic items.
  • Once an augment is acquired, you must spend time studying it to commit it to memory.
  • Once you learn an augment, you can apply that augment whenever you cast the original spell using a spell slot of a certain level or higher.

What it Does:

The effects of each augment vary based on the nature of the base spell. Some examples include:

  • Enhanced Power: Call lightning // echoing thunder adds a damaging and pushing blast of thunder to your lightning strikes.
  • Improved Versatility: False life // mask of the grave disguises the caster from undead, granting the spell a new utility.
  • Conditional Bonuses: Scorching ray // explosive fusion triggers an explosion when multiple rays hit the same target, potentially making the spell drastically more powerful.

Spell augments can serve as an alternative treasure reward for spellcaster characters, comparable to magic weapons for martial characters in that they improve upon what the character does best. Because the system relies on casting lower-level spells using higher-level spell slots, it is also a great tool to improve a multiclassing character’s capabilities and incentivize creative class combinations. The DM can also provide augments in a more controlled manner through limited-use catalysts, allowing players to get a taste of these upgrades sooner than they would otherwise.

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