Storm Realm of Giants (Part 01) – Map Pack

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Here’s the first part.

“Day 1. The sky turned black and a thunder… a deafening thunder roared the skies on that day. We didn’t know of its implications until these damned beings, equipped with their giant axes and maces, came looting our villages one by one. We tried to fight these savages and I lost my two sons, my arm, my hope. We were utterly powerless.

Day 21. Hope arrived from the nearby Citadel of King Adbar, who assembled an army of over thousands of elite soldiers to fight the menace atop Thunder Peak. They marched with fierce looks in their eyes and a sword and shield by their side.

Day 22. Not even a day had passed until a true hopelessness creeped in. That strong, fearsome army, reduced to rubble. The once formidable warriors returned in the dozens, their eyes that were once filled with glimmer were replaced with a bleak desperation. Is there truly nothing we can do?” The villager wrote down in his depressing diary.

Meanwhile, under the supervision of King Adbar’s right-hand advisor, five elite professionals were brought in. “If we are powerless by numbers, then we must strike in silence!” And so, your journey began.”

~ I’m hoping you enjoy these maps as much as we like making them. Stay tuned for part two later this month!


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