The Gladiator Class – Free Trial Version

Gladiators are warriors that not only fight well, but look good doing it.

To a Gladiator, the performance is just as important as the battle prowess. They strive to not only be the best combatant on the field, but also to be the best looking fighter out there. Those who are truly talented can merge the two, and achieve incredible results.

Each Gladiator eventually adopts a Martial Role, a gimmick which helps them get ahead in the arena. Included in this PDF are the net-casting Retiarius and the adaptable Thraex.

This is a free trial version of The Gladiator Class! If you like what you see, you can get the full version here! The full version includes two additional Martial Roles, the dual-wielding Dimachaerus and the heavily-armored Secutor, as well as 9 additional Flourishes!

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