The Soul Weaver Class

Stories are told of those who are born with a force of will so strong that its mortal body cannot fully contain their own soul. This excess soul energy eventually spills forth, manifesting itself into the form of a sentient creature, bound together for all of existence.

Work together with your Soul Creature, and gain beneifits while fighting side by side, or divide and conquer to pick off the stragglers. Having a strategy for you and your Soul Creature is the key to a successful Soul Weaver.

This class is perfect for those who…

  • are looking for a highly customizable class.
  • want to adventure with a creature all their own, born from their imagination.
  • enjoy the idea of a pet class, but other classes feel too limiting.
  • want to be the best, like no one ever was!
  • want to take a stand in combat.

This Product Contains:

  • A brand new half-casting class for D&D 5e, with a unique creature creation mechanic.
  • Detailed rules for customizing your Soul Creature, using a point system. This creature grows in power along side you as you gain levels as a Soul Weaver.
  • 5 Soul Manifestations (your Sub-classes) to choose from, each with a distinct playstyle for both you and your Soul Creature.
  • 6 new spells unique to the Soul Weaver.
  • Multiclassing rules & role play ideas.
  • A tips section to help you make your first Soul Weaver.
  • Over a year of dedication and work.
  • Beautiful art work from the talented Zack Frost.
  • Bookmarks for easy reading.

This product is priced at $4.95


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