The Tower Transcendent

The Tower Transcendent stands on the precipice of what is and what is not. A transient presence serving both as key and lock for those seeking a higher plane of existence.

The secret it contains draws powerful beings like moths to a flame. All of them seek the three-fold key of Oerios, the alchemist supreme, in order to transcend Life, Death, and the Order of All-Things.

THE TOWER TRANSCENDENT – This dungeon prompt generator lets you define a series of larger floor areas, filled with all manner of smaller room areas, within the reality-defying Tower Transcendent of Oerios the alchemist. All in 11 pages and a cover.

It features:

  • The story of Oerios and his three-fold key
  • The Created faction
  • King of Salted Dust faction
  • The Abundance faction
  • Great Architect faction
  • Tower floor and room tables
  • Deadvine Gardens, example generation

Art by Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games, Dean Spencer, and Jeshields.

This product is priced at $3.00


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