BattleSauce, a rules light awesomesauce RPBG.  None of the fat, all of the flavor.  Full length adventures, or Meals as we like to call them – keeping with the whole food related theme here – feed your tastes for adventure, story, and well, battling. Snacks are battlemaps and monsters, and Ingredients are all kinds of weapons, gear, characters, maps, monsters, buildings, and anything else we can think of – to add flavor to any of your BattleSauce games.

So grab the FREE BATTLESAUCE RULEBOOK, read it over – don’t worry, no TLDR sections – create an awesome character or two and then jump into the No Kings era to get medieval on monsters of all kinds.

Amazingly Just $1.99!

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil, The Strange Bestiary, The Ninth World Bestiary, Henshin! A Sentai RPG: Worlds Collide), Adam Craft (Vampire the Masquerade, Lostlorn), and new character art by Gus Fredrickson on Instagram as cptnstrftr.

UNCHARTED is a collection of 6 blank maps and monsters inspired by classic movie monsters and created exclusively for BattleSauce! Spelunk into dark caves, splash in the black waters, sneak into ruins of the gods, discover the mysteries of the Engineer’s laboratory and more in BattleSauce UNCHARTED! We provide the maps and gentle prods, you provide the stories!

Not ready to buy?  Try any of our free Snacks and chow down on some BattleSauce bite-sized adventures – perfect for learning the not-too-many rules – and available wherever BattleSauce battles are sold.  HINT: DriveThru and my website have a bunch of free ones too.

You can’t even get a sub par bagel with cream cheese for less than $2 any more.  But here’s what you can get:

  • 6 Brand new, full color, gridded maps!
  • 6 Sparkling New Murderous monsters!  Use ’em, don’t.  Your call. Scaredy cat. 
  • 1 New character with a long name and longer sword ready to lend a…two handed sword!  With one hand even!
  • 8.5×11 Formatted maps with 15×20 grids.

Maps and Monsters for BattleSauce games

This product is priced at $1.99


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