MikWewa Maps – Igloo Village

Adventure Introduction:

“Are we there yet?”

He sounded like a broken music box, childishly repeating the same question

over and over again, loudly and reluctantly dragging his boots through the snow.

“I’m sure it’s around this cliff, Grizkh.”

“You said that last four cliffs, Aaron. Stop treating me like a child.”

He was, indeed, a child. Giant, aggressive child with a heart of gold. The North

is unforgiving. Shattercoast seemed endless to inexperienced travelers. I was

anything but inexperienced, but  I was lost. Endless plains under thick white

blankets were everywhere around us.

After two dozen questions, thin smoke caught my eye. I rushed to the edge of

a cliff and saw round homes, built with snow. I saw fires and heard faint

children’s laughter. But I didn’t hear my companion.

I turned around and saw him surrounded by men, donned in white fur, long

harpoons pointed under Grizkh’s neck. More than two packs of dire huskies

growled and snarled at us. 

One of the men stepped forward, revealing frostbitten scars under his

missing left eye. He growled with hatred and gloat.

“Wizard, things have changed last time you were here.”


VTT and print-ready battlemap pack from MikWewa duo. Winter wastelands have

always been intriguing to the adventurers. Sometimes they need to stop and

warm themselves in an igloo fishing village. Settlers claim something lives

under the frozen lake. Will you investigate?


There are total of 3 ZIP downloads:

1. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for poster printing and tabletop

screens and TVs

2. 72 dpi (with 140px square grid) digital maps for any VTT. All maps are under 5mb

3. 300dpi (with 140px square grid) separate gridded maps in PDF format for


NOTE: Night versions, gridded and gridless variants of every map is included


Map Info:

Resolution: 4200x4200px
Grid: 30×30 @ 140px
Variants: Original, Snowy Shore, Snow Ruins, Fishermen, Santa, Open Homes, Dog Sled

and Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow
Versions: Day, night, gridded, gridless


Check out the map preview below:

Gridded Day Map


Gridless Day Map


Gridded Night Map


Enjoy your adventuring!

Mikey & Wewa

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