The Magus Reworked

The Magus Reworked: a 5e conversion of the Magus from Pathfinder.

The Magus is a “gish” class that combines martial fighting with spellcasting, and the ultimate solution for all those players that never wanted to deal with multiclassing Wizard/Fighter. In this conversion I have attempted to recreate the Magus while also respecting 5e class boundries. Though I may have stepped on quite a few Eldritch Knight toes, I hope that this class conversion at least offers something different to draw people in. Alongside the base class I have 5 subclasses: Spellblade Magus, Armored Magus, Magus Archer, Magus Sage, and Blackblade Magus.

The Spellblade Magus is for close quarters spell combat, nothing too fancy, just hitting things with spells and weapons.

The Armored Magus is for those spellcasters that like to also try their hand at being tanks

The Magus Archer stays out of melee combat and has the ability to spellstrike at range.

The Magus Sage has a bit more Wizard flavour, and allows you to get the most out of your magical staves.

The Blackblade Magus forgoes some class progression in favour of gaining a sentient weapon companion that progresses for them.

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