2400: Emergency Rules

2400 is a series of lo-fi sci-fi micro RPGs. Each is a self-contained game that fits on 3 pages and a cover, two sides of a letter-sized sheet of paper. They’re all in the same setting, unless they aren’t. And they’re all are built with the same rules as the free 24XX SRD.

These are the Emergency Rules. 2400 is designed to be ultra light, super quick, and extremely open to interpretation. But what if you need more? These (very slightly) expanded rules give a little more context for players and GMs who might be more used to games with more detailed rule sets. They explain why there aren’t any hit points, how combat could be (but isn’t necessarily) run blow-by-blow, and why it sometimes makes sense to succeed on a 1. And they make expllicit some things that a lot of games assume you should know. (Like: “Come up with excuses to go adventuring and face danger together. If your character wants to escape to safety and retire, let them. Then make a character for this game.”) Give us a shout if there’s anything we ought to add.

What is lo-fi sci-fi? It’s centuries in the future, and it’s a decades-old modem that screams like a dying robot when it connects to the net. It’s a space ship with an FTL drive, artificial gravity, and a flickering display you gotta tap a few times to see the jump coordinates. It’s hacking something together with whatever cheap materials you have on hand, ignoring the rules until you need them, banging out something that might not sound finished, but definitely sounds fun. 

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