3 BONES is a bare-bones fantasy role-playing game for a handful of players with a handful of dice. All you need are 3 six-sided dice and some paper for a character sheet: a business card that is blank on one side should be enough! It’s perfect for running a one-shot adventure on short notice. Character generation is quick and easy so you can start playing right away. If you want to play “a charming rogue who casts illusions” or “a dwarvish archer who hunts monsters” or a “wizened sage who brews potions”, then just write that down with a name and you’re over halfway there!

The game includes a minimalist system that is easy to hack and make rulings for to keep the action moving. Also included are several examples of different ways to use the basic rules to represent magic, feats of heroic prowess and derring do, magic items, monsters, and more. You could use it to run quick low-prep adventures in your favorite setting or use the included list of generic medieval fantasy equipment and example adversaries (special thanks to Luka Rejec for the CC wurgler) to just wing it and make up an improvisational game session. There is also a one-page adventure–“The Lair of the Wild Hunt” (with maps by Dyson Logos)–to help get you started. 

If you want to use the system for long term campaigns, the experience and character development system called “Exploits” turns your “experience points” into a record of your adventures (like a “highlight reel” of your PC’s adventuring career). PCs can directly draw on their previous experiences to help them in their future endeavors. Even if you get killed, your legendary Exploits can still inspire your allies to greater successes after you are gone. 

Roll the bones and have some fun! Or pick the bones clean to port tasty bits of “3 BONES”–such as rules for Exploits, Burdens, and recovery scenes–to season your other favorite games.

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