Brazier Crafting Kit

Includes nearly 50 new .STLs for creating your own Braziers / Pillars, many not shown in the picture.

This pack includes:
        Columns—Several styles of single part prints, most in two different heights.

        Light Covers—These brazier covers can be printed and added lit or unlit.

        Power Tower—A ring Brazier provided in a single print AND  support-less versions!

        Pipeworks—Mix and Match parts to craft a unique lit/unlit model!


Eight new lightable covers, in standard styles, and new Eye style designs.

(Dungeon style is a round base. Dwarven style has an octagon base to lock into the top of the pillar.)

This set includes 7 stlyes of Brazier / Pillars, each one in two sizes.

Also included is the “Power Tower” – use as a pillar, or as a light cap. Flexible design allows you to print it to the height you want!

Additional Releases:

More Light covers: FDG Brazier Covers

LED insert for braziers: LED Light Frame

Dragonbite Compatible

This product is priced at $5.00


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