Brazier Expansion Set

Includes 9 brazier / light fixtures based on the FDG Dungeon Starter and Expansion Sets.

This pack includes:
        Ruined Walls — Two styles of broken walls, also useable as a climbable object.

        Pillars — Both square and round.

        Staircase — Use as a light mast or with a flame!

        Well — Well, what can I say. It’s a well.

        Tentacle — Available as a one piece shrine, or a two-part light.

Stone Crucible top – use with fiberfill as smoke, or add a changeable fire effect cap.

Two new lightable fire effects, Bonfire or Coals. As the Bonfire dies down, swap out to the coals!

Expansion Set

Additional Releases:

More Light covers: FDG Brazier Covers

LED insert for braziers: LED Light Frame

Dragonbite Compatible

This product is priced at $3.00


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