Chasing Adventure Free Version

Chasing Adventure is an easy-yet-deep Powered By the Apocalypse game about daring adventurers in a fantasy setting. With fast character creation and starting adventure tables, you can hit the ground running with action-focused moves and flexible archetypes. Defeat threatening enemies, earn the favor of those around you, increase in wealth and power, and sometimes take a break and relax. This game started as a refinement of Dungeon World, but has since evolved into its own game.

If you’re familiar with Dungeon World, here is a summary of the differences:

  • Advantage/Disadvantage has replaced most instances of +1/-1 modifiers
  • No Load, Rations, or (mostly) Ammo
  • CON has been removed
  • Background replaces Race and Alignment
  • Moves and Playbooks have been remade
  • HP and Damage have been replaced with Conditions
  • Wealth is an abstract replacement for coins
  • You can gain or lose Favor with each other and NPCs.

This is the free version of Chasing Adventure. The full version can be found here and includes these additional sections:

  • Treasure and Magic Items
  • Adventure Generator, complete with tables for Friends, Outlines, Locations and Enemies
  • Powerful Artifact magic items
  • Ominous Forces and preparing them as a GM
  • Advanced Play, which is still being written, will include subsections on hacking the game, optional rules, creating custom playbooks, and more.

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