DRAGONLOCK Legacy Airbrush Stencils BUNDLE

Use these stencils for quick and easy airbrush painting !
These stencils are compatible with walls from the legacy “Village Buildings 1” set, “Village Buildings 2” set and “Timber & Stone Walls” set.
Have fun !

Stencils included :

– Gable L

– Gable R

– Wall A

– Wall B

– Wall C / Wall C 1 Window

– Wall D / Wall D 1 Window / Wall D 2 Windows

– Wall D with door

Each stencil is available with 2 orientations (vertical in one piece or flat in two pieces to glue) and each one comes with a tight or loose fit (Try the tight fit first).
Also, stencils for walls with windows and doors have light and full cover (V2) options.

DRAGONLOCK Legacy Airbrush Stencils BUNDLE

Village Buildings 1 Set :

Village Buildings 2 Set :

Timber & Stone Walls Set :

Recommended Print Settings :

Use FDG Terrain Profile
.2 Layer Height
No Infill (prints solid)
No supports
The use of a brim (5 mm) is highly advised  for vertical models

This product is priced at $8.99


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